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Terms & Conditions of Avis Social Media

Terms & Conditions of Avis Social Media

Through all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube), Avis would like to encourage you to post your comments under our updates, images, videos and links and start a communication between all users and Avis team.

The aim of Avis’ social pages is to promote the news of the company, such as business and career opportunities, events and updates of products and services of Avis, in order to communicate, stay in touch and up-to-date with colleagues, partners, clients and other professionals. User to user comments should be decent, polite and meet some standards of courtesy.  

Avis reserves the right to monitor everything posted on its page and upload, and/or share only links, news, company highlights and information, which serve the company’s image in a positive manner.

Avis declares that before making any post it is advisable to check its content. The company is responsible for the content you share and reserves the right to remove from the page without prior notice, any material and content that:

  • Acts against the property rights, privacy rights, personal data rights or individual and social rights
  • Contains defamatory, libelous, obscene, threatening, offensive, religious intolerance or racist comments about e.g. gender, race, sexual preferences, religion or culture
  • It goes without saying that any posts that contain content that is illegal, misleading, false or inappropriate in any way, or content with personal attacks against individuals and/or businesses, will be treated the same
  • contains viruses and/or corrupted files
  • constitute advertising content that has not been previously approved by Avis
  • is considered not constructive, contain personal information (names, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.), and is confidential for the company
  • is intended to attract followers, promote other professionals and companies, and any content that is commercial in general
  • is posted in a language other than Greek and English

Thank you for reading our updates and for following our social media pages.