Welcome to Avis


A global leader in car rental services

Avis is a global brand with strong presence in Greece since 1960. With 60 stations across the country, including major airports, and a diverse fleet of 60,000 vehicles ranging from automatic cars to SUVs, commercial vehicles, and luxury cars, we offer comprehensive mobility solutions. In line with growing environmental concerns and customer preferences, we have expanded our fleet to include electric and hybrid vehicles. Our reliable rental services meet various needs, whether it's for day trips, corporate travel, or formal events.


Each time you book an Avis car for your travels, we are by your side in every drive, with unique exploration experiences and:

  • over 11.000 rental locations worldwide
  • a great variety of cars
  • a wide range of products and services to meet your needs

Avis Vision & Values

Avis. Together all the Way.

This is what makes us stand out and offer wow mobility experiences.

Our mission is to deliver best-in-class mobility experiences to our customers by innovative platforms and sustainable operations.

We are driven to be the best sustainable mobility company.


Passion -  This is how they recognize us. We passionately enjoy every moment of the journey.

Innovation - We create by innovating. We are always looking for the different and the best.

Integrity - We operate with integrity and professionalism. We are the best version of ourselves every moment.

Ownership– The satisfaction of our customers is our business.

Customer focus - This is our priority. We always go the extra mile for our customers.