Welcome to Avis

Avis Online Booking System

Avis has strengthen its relationship with the Greek travel agencies, providing more privileges and simplifying the booking process for Greece and worldwide, through its brand new online booking system:

·         It concerns all travel agencies in Greece
·         You can view prices and make bookings for trips in Greece and abroad
·         Bookings are made online  - real time – and a confirmation email with all booking details will be sent to you within 2 seconds. You can then send this email to your client.
·         Prices on the online booking system are the same as the ones provided to individuals on www.avis.gr or by phone.
·         Attractive commission rates are included in the prices, especially for you.
·         The booking system is adjustable to your website and appears as a banner with a link redirecting to the Avis booking engine. As such, your client will complete their booking on your website and you will receive your commission.
·         Prices for Greece and most countries abroad include unlimited mileage, mixed insurance, theft insurance, registration fees, airport surcharge and VAT.

On our online booking system and with the use of a simple code (if you do not have one, ask from Avis Greece), you can view prices and make bookings for your clients, receiving your commission for every booking you complete.

Rental Fee and Performance Fee

- When making an online booking with Avis on behalf of your client, always fill in your office code (if you do not have one, ask from Avis Greece).

- Your client renting an Avis car, either in Greece or abroad, must be a holder of at least one credit card. Your client pays at an Avis station when picking up the car.

- At the end of the rental, Avis gives you the agreed commission.

Exception: in case you wish to prepay your client’s booking, you can deposit the total amount of the rent and send it to us by fax (+30 210 68 79 610) or email (contact@avis.gr), by mentioning your email and the car reservation number. We will then send you a digital voucher. Prepayment must be made before the start date of the rental and only through a bank deposit. Digital vouchers are being sent Mondays to Fridays 08:00pm – 18:00am. Your client must present the voucher when picking up the car.

For booking modifications or cancellations please contact us at +30 210 68 79 800, or email us at contact@avis.gr.