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Zakynthos Car Hire

Zakynthos or Zante has become the ideal place for relaxing and pleasant vacation, offering you also the opportunity to visit the other Ionian Islands, or even discover the sandy shores of Peloponnese. Avis Rent a Car with amazing car hire services will give you the chance to visit all the beautiful villages full pine trees and green valleys.


Zakynthos car rental with Avis gives you the opportunity to reach the numerous picturesque sandy and pebbled beaches, the rocky coasts and the all the archaeological sites of ‘the flower of the Levant’ (Flor di Levante), as it was named by the Venetians. Car hire option will help you find easily the museum which is dedicated to Dionysios Solomos, as well as the museum of Byzantine Art.

Zakynthos car hire with Avis is the ideal way to reach the beaches where the turtles Caretta – Caretta lay their eggs. Park your rental car at the port of Agios Nikolaos and visit by boat the famous blue caves with the amazing blue colour of the water. Also don’t miss to explore the shipwreck (Navagio), the sandy beach of Keri and of course the tiny island of Marathonisi.


In Zakynthos, you will find a wide variety of local traditional restaurants, wineries and small cafes. If you prefer to taste Zakynthos nightlife choose Laganas, which gets extremely busy during the summer season and it’s full of clubs and bars. Rent a car Zante will give you also the opportunity to watch the breathtaking view if you decide to drink or eat in Bochali town (close to Zakinthos town). The best place for shopping is Zakynthos town, with many souvenirs and local sweets like Mandolato (made of almonds) or local cheese and wine. 


The island is very big with a good road network. As you can understand if you decide to hire a vehicle, Avis Rent A Car, the leader car rental company in Greece, will be next to you during your vacation in this beautiful island.


Avis Car Hire Locations in Zante

Avis Zakynthos Car Rental has two locations in this amazing island. One of them is based in the city centre where you can find a vast variety of efficient, convenient and safe rental cars. If you arrive in Zakynthos by airplane, you can pick up the rental car of your choice upon your arrival in Zakynthos International airport, where our helpful staff will be waiting for you. Avis Rent a Car offers full car hire services and will be expecting to see you back in Zakynthos soon.

*Stations are temporarily closed