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Thessaloniki Car Hire

Thessaloniki is the capital of Macedonia and the second largest city of Greece. It is a lively modern city ideal for car rental and has an international airport directly connected to all main European capitals. Book a car with Avis and drive to the Ladadika neighbourhood which was the old Red Light district now full of ouzeries, bars, cafes and tavernas. The old port area is being renovated with warehouses being turned into large restaurants, clubs and even art galleries. Rent a car from Avis and drive to the Lefkos Pyrgos, or White Tower, the symbol of the city, built in the 15th Century, once a prison. Above the city is the Kastra (Castles), an area of old neighbourhoods with narrow streets and lovely small gardens. A must-visit place is Moudiano, the meat market, in a restored old building full of energy, smells, and some of the most famous old ouzeries in Thessaloniki.


The influence of the east is obvious, not just in the delicious food, but also in the different lifestyle. The options that car hire provides make it the perfect choice for visiting all the historical sites as well as the beautiful and busy spots of Thessaloniki.


Avis Thessaloniki Car Rental will give you the opportunity to drive along the big avenues, enjoy the beautiful parks and squares and explore all the historical paths and neoclassical buildings. Park your Avis rental car and walk around the main squares which are Platia Eleftherias and Platia Aristotelous, both alive with cafes, restaurants and people.


And don’t forget to visit historical sites, such as the Roman Market and Theatre, the Roman baths, the city of Vergina and of course the monument of Rotonda! It is much easier to visit all the Byzantine churches and also the Archaeological Museums in Thessaloniki by renting a car! Visit Thessaloniki car Rental stations (just look out for the red logo of Avis Rent A Car) and drive to the surrounding areas to explore the exceptional nightlife with numerous bars and restaurants.