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Samos Car Hire

Samos is a beautiful, green island with wonderful walks, hidden beaches, mountains, forests and ancient sites of great historical significance. It is well worth exploring. The best way to do this is by car and Avis Car Hire is the best choice for you!

Drive your Avis rental car and begin your road trip in Samos. Samos has superb gulfs and picturesque gulfs, with crystal waters and sandy beaches, perfect for swimming and relaxing : Possidonion, Mykali, Aghia Markela, Roditses, Malagari, Kotsikas, Mourtia, Megalo Seitani, Mikro Seitani, Potami, Beach of Ormos and Velanidia, Karlovassi, Tsambou and Vlendza, Tsamadou. Samos island is known throughout the world for its wine. The island is remarkably fertile. It is an island with green mountains, endless vineyards, which produce the famous samiotiko wine, and lacy shores. Samian wines have won prestigious international and domestic awards. Samos is also known for its folk art and produces beautiful pottery, ceramics, rugs, bags made of goat wool and woven fabrics with beautiful designs and colours and which are made on local looms.