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Kos Car Hire

Kos is the third largest of all Dodecanese islands and the birthplace of Hippocrates, the father of Medicine. Kos features picturesque villages, sandy beaches, whitewashed houses, luxury hotels and many avenues lined with big green palm trees. As you can understand car hire option is the best choice to explore the beauty of Kos. 


Avis Rent a Car, one of the most famous car rental companies in Greece offers you the latest models of luxury, convenient and economic rental cars. If you decide to visit Kos, drive your Avis rental car along the small villages of the island, such as Asfendiou, Andimahia, Pili and reach the beautiful seaside resort of Kardamena and the sunny beach of Kefalos. As soon as your ferry arrives in Kos, find our Avis car rental branch at the entrance of the Kos harbour and ask our helpful staff for all the useful information you need in order to explore the Nerantzia Castle and the historical museum, where you can find sculptures and inscriptions. Kos is a big island with 180 miles of sandy coastline and Avis Rent a Car with the vast variety of brand new and reliable vehicles, covers the entire prefecture of Kos. 


So you can reach with your rental car all the secret beaches of Kos and check the splendid view. Find also all the useful instructions in the map you will find inside your Avis rental car and reach the north side of the island for windsurfing. Try Tingaki and Marmara and swim at Limnionas Bay or discover all the isolated sandy and pebbled beaches. 

As soon as you visit the island of Kos, park your Avis rental car and walk around the port-side cafes and local tavernas. 


Avis Car Hire Locations in Kos

Avis Kos has 2 car rental locations, one of them in the arrivals hall of the airport and the other in the city center just 10min. walking distance from the harbour. Avis Rent a Car Kos is a leading company with a long presence on the island of Kos and offers you a large number of reliable hire cars in Kos port and also car hire in Kos airport. In this way, you will pick up your rental car upon your arrival and you can start your vacation with no delays. Our services in car hire in Kos are not limited in delivering-just ask for our help. Contact us and book the rental car of your choice and explore Kos in your own way, with safety and convenience.