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Ioannina Car Hire

Ιοannina is the biggest city of Epirus and has a rich and interesting history. There is plenty to see and do and Avis Rent a Car will give you the opportunity to travel and see it all. Drive to the marvellous shores of lake Pamvotida, or as it is known today, the lake of Ioannina. Car hire option will let you explore the impressive sites of the city and all the modern facilities, comforts and services in the easiest way. The entire prefecture of Ioannina is one of exceptional beauty and our friendly staff at Avis Ioannina Car Rental office will give you directions so you can see it all. One of the most popular activities is to visit the old castle that is well preserved and which adds a unique character to the city.


Close to the old castle, drive your Avis rental car to the picturesque harbour where you can rent a boat and sail to the beautiful small island of Ali Pasha, which is located in the middle of the lake. Select from our wide range of rental cars to make reaching the many attractions in Ioannina easy and hassle free. Pay a visit to the Perama cave with stunning stalagmites and stalactites. Avis Rent A Car will provide you with the best car hire services and with one of our brand new and safe rental cars, you can reach the village of Bizani, where you can visit a wonderful wax museum with many wax sculptures, created by Pavlos Vrelis.


Now, if you are interested in history or archaeology, you can stop with your Avis rental car at the ancient site of Dodoni. Here you can find the oldest oracle of ancient Greece as well as one of the biggest ancient theatres. If you rent a car, will be a fantastic opportunity to step back in time, in the easiest and safest way. If you are interested in shopping, car hire will ‘drive’’ you to the village of Metsovo and if you love trekking, rent a 4X4 rental car and discover the famous Zagorohoria and Papigko. Both places will capture your hearts and minds…Just look out for the red logo of Avis Rent A Car and everything will be ready just for you.