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Chios Car Hire

If you want to get a taste of real Greece, just visit Chios. Rent a car and explore the island on your own. Avis Rent a Car will lead you to amazing little villages and big sandy beaches that seemed totally untouched. There are many places to visit during your vacation in Chios. 
There is a stone on the island, called Homer’s stone, where the poet sat and worked. Car hire option will let you visit the monastery of Saint Markella, which is open to visitors and is located just outside of Volissos village. If you decide to hire a car, ask for all the necessary instructions, in order to visit Mastichohoria, the place where the mastic tree grows. It has a special kind of sap that is used in making chewing gum, toothpaste and local delicious sweets. 
Drive one of our fast and safe rental cars and visit the popular beach Karfas and enjoy the various water sports. If you seek for more peaceful environment choose the Kato Fana bay. 
Enjoy the great Greek nightlife in Chios town and in Karfas. You can drive your rental car and find all types of music and all sorts of entertainment. 
Chios car rental will help you discover beautiful places and taste various local sweets or a special kind of cheese. You will find many souvenirs in the town, but we recommend you to take some mastic with you back home. In Chios, rent a car, drive safely around and find your own place for your holiday.